Professional contractors are finding more effective and cost effective measures to prevent dangerous ice on parking lots and driveways. Using salt brines, which is a 23% liquid salt/water mixture, before anticipated snowfall was discovered to be more effective than using rock salt or ice melt.

Brines have the same melting characteristics of rock salt or icemelt , but since it is applied in liquid form, the solution begins to work immediately. The brines are also more effective in lower temperatures.

The use of brines is known as anti-icing or pre-wetting measures.

Anti-icing can be accomplished by using traditional salt brine (usually a 23 percent salt solution, derived from rock salt) and applying to roadways in preparation for snow and ice.

Using salt brines proves not only to be more effective on roads, but it is also cost effective. It takes four times less salt to prevent ice accumulation than to remove ice after it has formed.

Anti-icing is currently recognized as a pro-active approach to customer and employee safety. Pre-wetting [using salt brines] has been shown to increase both the performance of solid chemicals and abrasives, as well as their longevity on the roadway surface, thereby reducing the amount of materials required.

Brine provides improved road surface conditions and allows for safer traffic movement.

Brine making and application began with municipalities. Now proven to be most cost effective, contractors are now finding brine to offer a whole new product to offer customers. 

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Some contractors find that by making a substantial investment that they can offer brine product to the industry by the gallon or container helping to reduce their cost on the product they use, increasing their profit margins significantly.

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